Jeans Zara, almost identical - Light blue top Rachel Roy, same color - Pink blazer Poetry almost identical
Light blue bow flats Gio Zanotti, similar - Grey bag Ferragamo

The other day I had a good laugh at someone's nickname. Hope that person never reads this blog. The nickname is: Poty. What does your name have to be, that you people end up calling you that ? I have not dared to ask... 
I mean there is Tim for Timothy, Jen for Jennifer and in my case friends and colleagues may refer to me a "Lore" a diminutive of my name, which I don't mind. Do you have a nickname ? What is it?

The good

Grey turtle neck sweater Cortefiel, similar - Jeans Not Your Daughter's Jeans NYDJ, similar - Grey bag Ferragamo
Grey velvet flats Presumidas, similar under 20.00 USD  - Repurposed chandelier crystal necklace , similar

I've been catching up on blogs. Had not been around for about two weeks so I was slowly reading and enjoying the posts I had missed. While I read one of my go to blogs and looked at the pictures I realised that this super cool impeccable blogger´s white roots were showing. How could this be, did she not see them? 
Then I just stopped and felt terrible. She was this intelligent woman with marvellous style and there I was pointing out her roots. Instead of admiring her writing and other attributes I was focusing on anything I considered a "flaw". I do this too often and its something I'd like to change: See the good. Which do you see first the "good" or the "flaw" ?
Luego de estar relativamente ausente por dos semanas, poco a poco he ido leyendo los blogs que sigo. Mientras leía uno de los que visito con frecuencia realicé que las raíces blancas podían ser vistas en las fotos del cabello de esta blogger cuyo estilo es impecable. ¿Cómo puede ser, acaso no se las vio? 
Hice un alto y me sentí terrible. Ella era esta mujer inteligente con estilo maravilloso y yo estaba enfocándome en las raíces de su cabello. En vez de admirar su escritura y otros atributos yo me estaba enfocando en lo que consideraba una "falla". Hago esto a menudo y es algo que me gustaría cambiar y ver lo bueno. ¿Qué ves primero, lo "bueno" o la "falla".

Ideal CPW

Black side ruffle dress Red Valentino, similar on sale here
Red - burgundy tassel earrings Zaful, similar under 5.00 USD here
 Blue and brown heart handbag vintage Moschino, here another vintage Moschino bag - Red suede shoes Melissa 

The other day I was thinking once again about cost per wear. 
Well in my case, today I am pretty happy about this black side ruffle Red Valentino dress' CPW, at just 3.85 USD. Not so much with the vintage Moschino bag at about 20.00 USD per wear. 

What would YOUR ideal cost per wear would be? Mine would be about 5 bucks per wear. Do you even consider it? Not even for really expensive items? 
El otro día estaba pensando en el costo por uso.
En mi caso, hoy estoy súper feliz con el costo por uso de este vestido negro in mangas de Red Valentino pues es sólo 3.85 USD de costo por uso. No estoy tan feliz con el CPU de la cartera vintage Moschino, su CPU actual es de mas o menos 20.00 USD.

¿Cuál sería tu CPU ideal? El mío sería 5.00 USD o menos por uso. Eres de considerar el costo por uso de lo que compras ?